SteelLinx Products


Category: Fasteners
Subcategory: Collated, Connectors, Nails, Screws, Staples
Material: Metal

BlueLinx offers a wide selection of SteelLinx® nails, screws, staples, collated fasteners, and wood connectors in a variety of types, sizes, and finishes for virtually any application.

Category: Fencing
Subcategory: Metal/Steel, Wire

SteelLinx's wire fencing products include barbed wire, electric fence wire, bailing wire, woven wire fencing, as well as welded wire fabric, steel fence posts and fence stays.

Category: Masonry & Concrete
Subcategory: Reinforcements
Type: Bar Supports, Rebar, Remesh

SteelLinx® Concrete Accessory products include comprehensive lines of concrete forming, fabrication and job site accessories. Additionally, as the nation's largest distributor of rebar and remesh you can depend on BlueLinx to have what you need at the most competitive price.

Category: Metal Framing
Subcategory: Metal, Studs, Tracks

Choose from a full line of SteelLinx® light gauge steel framing products including metal studs and track, drywall, plaster, and stucco lath and trim.

Category: Packing & Shipping
Subcategory: Strapping
Type: Flat Steel, Plastic, Round Wire

The SteelLinx® by BlueLinx line of flat steel strapping includes the full range of regular-duty, high tensile, and heavy-duty products.

Category: Roofing
Subcategory: Metal

SteelLinx® Metal Roofing is a complete line of roofing and siding in an array of colors and profiles for both residential and commercial applications.

Category: Siding & Exterior Trim
Subcategory: Flashing, Soffit & Fascia
Material: Metal / Steel

Using high-grade SteelLinx® trim coil, soffit, and fascia helps reduce costly repairs and maintenance caused by the effects of rain, snow, and wind.