Empire Level Products

Empire Level

Category: Safety & Protection
Subcategory: Tape
Type: Detectable, Non-Detectable

Empire offers a selection of detectable and non-detectable tapes for utility applications. Stretch tapes are also available.

Category: Tools
Subcategory: Layout & Leveling

Durable acrylic level vials for leveling and reading increments of pitch or slope. Flanges keep the vials securely in place.

Subcategory: Layout & Leveling

Empire is the industry leader in accurate levels. No other manufactured uses ACM™, and can guarantee vials accurate within 0.0005''. When accuracy matters, Empire is the obvious choice.

Subcategory: Hand Tools
Tool Type: Magnetic Sweepers

Empire Magnetic Tools & Magnets help you with your job or with the cleanup. Magnetic cleanup tools quickly pick-up nails, screws, bolds and machined parts.

Subcategory: Cutting
Tool Type: Mitre Boxes

Empire miter boxes make precise angle cutting easy and accurate.

Subcategory: Layout & Leveling, Measuring & Marking

Plumb Bobs use gravity to help determine vertical alignment. Available in either brass or steel ranging from 5oz - 32oz. Designed for structures that are longer than a conventional level. Line is available in bright, easy to see colors.

Subcategory: Hand Tools
Tool Type: Drill Bits, Engravers, Files & Shavers, Files, Rasps, Burs, Punches, Scoring Saws, Scrapers, Shaper Cutters

Scraping, Carving & Etching tools for the hobbyist, machinist and homeowner. Also, tools to use for forming and shaping wood, metals, plastic or drywall.

Subcategory: Layout & Leveling, Measuring & Marking

True Blue® squares can be read it quickly and accurately, in virtually all lighting conditions.

Subcategory: Measuring & Marking

Everyone from do-it-yourselfers to contractors need a dependable and durable tape measure. You can rely on Empire tapes to be accurate. Straight edges, precision rulers, calipers and gauges ensure exact measurements.